Lost for What to Watch this Festive Season? We’ve got you Covered!


Contemplating what to do this Christmas period? Well, get into the holiday spirit with a cup of hot chocolate, a snug sweater, and get cosy with a warm blanket cause we’ve got a list of classic, Christmas movies that we know you cannot resist!




The Home Alone Franchise


How can you withstand that adorable, innocent-looking, smirking face? A Christmas comedy that anyone can indulge in, where good old troublemaker Kevin takes us through his self-contained adventures, evoking all kinds of interesting nostalgia…



How The Grinch Stole Christmas!



A children’s story turned into a Christmas fantasy comedy-drama movie! I mean, who hasn’t heard of ‘The Grinch’? A true classic. One might say: who would want to watch an eerie movie about a bitter creature that terrifies children and purloins Christmas presents… but, this movie shows that even the sourest of souls can find their Christmas spirit!





Also with a Christmas movie with a spooky twist, Gremlins is about a bunch of strange-looking monsters and their intentions of messing up Christmas. It might not be the classic family Christmas movie, but it promotes love and friendship, as Billy and Kate pair up against the sinister Gremlins.





Now, this is a true Christmas movie staple!
This movie is about a clownish orphan nurtured by Santa and his elves, named Will Ferrell. We see his journey as he tries to search for his biological father in New York.


The Polar Express


This movie has that quality of lasting children’s entertainment. A tad different than the rest, this movie has a deeper, eerie tone to it, and an entire world of its own! In the movie, the conductor advises Hero Boy that he should ride the train, and we advise you to do the same!



Christmas With The Kranks


Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Berserk - Christmas With the Kranks on Make a GIF

Moving more towards a family movie, this one is a light-hearted holiday comedy. This flick is about a couple, who plan to skip Christmas for a Caribbean cruise, frustrating their neighbours. If you want to laugh with your family, this is it!



Jack Frost


In this movie, we see a young boy tragically losing his father. However, a magical snowman appears, who turns out to be his dad. So, grab your tissues, and get ready to spill some tears with this heart-rending film!

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