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Looking To Enhance Your Skills & Improve Your Career Prospects? Check Out Jobsplus’ Latest Scheme!


If you’ve completed compulsory schooling or are up to 64 years old and would like to enhance your skills and improve your career prospects, then let us tell you about Jobsplus’ scheme!


Say hello to the Training Pays Scheme, Jobsplus’ latest incentive that allows you to choose any course in their catalogue AND benefit from a 75% refund! Yep, Jobsplus is here to help you acquire new skills, or brush up on your current ones through a classroom, online learning, or even a hybrid of both!



And whether you’re unemployed or employed doesn’t matter – so long as you’ve completed compulsory schooling and are up to 64 years of age.


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You can check out Jobsplus’ list of courses from their catalogue. Then, just fill in the application form and send it together with the course schedule on  [email protected]! You have prior to the course end date to apply for the scheme.



As for the guaranteed refund, it’s calculated at 75% of the cost of the training. For courses that lead up to MQF level 4, refund is capped at €1,000, while for courses that lead up to MQF level 5, Awards at MQF level 6 and 7 or industry recognised courses related to Aviation, Maritime and ICT sectors, capping is at €3,000


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Once you receive your certificate, you will be able to claim your refund by sending Jobsplus a copy of receipt or proof of payment, certificate, financial identification form and the application for reimbursement to [email protected].



You can learn more about this scheme by calling 2220 1610/616 or by sending an email at [email protected].