London is warmer than Luqa with highs of 29.4C

It doesn’t happen very often.

But weather experts have confirmed London was warmer than Malta on Monday – for the first time this summer.

Temperatures in the British capital reached 29.4°C on what was officially the UK’s hottest day of the year so far.

In Malta, the mercury peaked at 28°C, with pleasant sea temperatures of 23°C at Golden Bay.


The UK Met Office confirmed the sweltering temperature as Britain enjoyed the first day of a summer heatwave.

Meanwhile, the second thunderstorm of the summer battered Malta and Gozo in the morning, sparking floods in several streets in Gzira, Msida and Birkirkara.

Thunder and lightning swept across the Maltese Islands for around an hour at around 8am before bright sunshine returned in the afternoon.

In the UK, Met Office forecaster Mark Foster said it is possible that today’s temperatures in London would be bettered later in the week.

He told 89.7 Bay: ‘High pressure is going to dominate this week so we can expect very high levels of pollen and UV.

‘If you are in the sun you have a greater chance of getting burnt in the short term.

‘Long days, very still conditions and clear skies help June temperatures to get very intense.

‘The sun in June is relatively the highest it gets in the sky and heat can build up over successive days.’

Temperatures in Malta reached 28°C on Monday, which was recorded in Luqa in the afternoon.

London hit 29.4°C in St James Park.

The north of England and Wales enjoyed temperatures of around 27°C, while much of Scotland saw around 26°C and Northern Ireland baked at 25°C.

Higher temperatures in both Malta and Britain are expected over the next seven days.

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