Local Veteran Journalist Godfrey Grima Dies At 78


Veteran journalist Godfrey Grima has died at the age of 78, as his daughter Julianne announced, whilst he was positive for COVID-19.


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Grima began his career back in the 1960s, with the newspaper The Worker, and later went on to work in England with the Financial Times. When he returned to Malta, he continued to head the Financial Times office, until he retired after 40 years.



In Malta, he kept following the local scene whilst entering the field of media advertising. Grima has been a great contributor to several programs where he has sought to analyze political and economic news.


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He also served as the presenter of the TVN program ‘Dahrek mal-Hajt’, which dealt with various social and cultural issues.


Godfrey Grima’s funeral will be held tomorrow.

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