Local Up & Coming Artist Kyle Cassar Pavia Sits Down On Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


A Maltese, up-and-coming artist Kyle Cassar Pavia sat down on Malta’s Top 10 with Jake to discuss his love for rap, and the rap scene here in Malta…



Kyle may be a new artist who was recently discovered just weeks ago, but his love for music was there from Day One: ‘I always loved listening to music.’, he shared, ‘When I was young, my mum used to place me in front of the TV and I listened to MTV as she washed the floors, so I always had that background of music growing up’.


And although Kyle loves and appreciates all styles of music, he found that Hip Hop and Rap are the kind of styles that suit him best.



So, what’s next for the young artist, you ask? Well, the rapper told Jake that he plans on buying ‘a beat pad and a keyboard’ so that he can start producing his own music. ‘I’d also love to work with other producers to learn a little more about different styles and such so I can acquire a different background to what I already know’, Kyle added.


In the meantime, he revealed that so far, he’s done everything alone: ‘I always listen to different rap songs, different styles, and different artists, so I continuously take in different backgrounds, which I think really helps me to find my style’.



As for his muses, Kyle pointed towards iconic rappers like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, J. Cole, and Mac Miller. He explained how there’s many to mention, simply because there are many distinctive artists in the Rap and Hip-Hop industry, but above all, he hopes that he has ‘the potential to possibly reach that stage’ too one day.


We must admit, we love an artist owning his craft – but we also love seeing fresh collabs pop up in the local industry. Luckily for us, Kyle did share that he’d love to collab with Luke Chappell because he ‘has a really particular voice compared to most people’, as well as Owen Leullen, who just fits into his style really well.



Malta may not be used to hearing this kind of music just yet, but above all, Kyle wishes for the local rap scene to grow because ‘there are many local artists who have the potential(and we agree).


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