Local Swimmer Neil Agius To Attempt Swim From Tunisia To Sicily


Local swimmer Neil Agius will be taking on yet another challenge but this time, he’s extending beyond national waters and will be attempting an epic, never-done-before 153km swim from Tunisia to Sicily!


Queen Elizabeth II recognises Neil Agius in honour of his exceptional  voluntary service - Newsbook


Agius is expected to attempt the cross-continental swim sometime between June 26 and July 7 when weather conditions should be optimal. In the meantime, he will be swimming around Gozo three consecutive times to prepare for the challenge.



The former Olympian will be kicking off his challenge from a small village in Tunisia, Eastern Hawaria, and then arriving in the Sicilian village of Kartibubbo.


Agius explained that the challenge ‘should take around 50 hours of non-stop swimming’ and that this route ‘is something that has never been done before’.



Throughout the challenge, Agius will not be resting or touching the boat, will swim through the night in darkness, and will swim for 29 minutes at a time. He will then take a one-minute break for water and liquid meals. He will also be joined by a 24-member crew.


Just last year, Agius became the second person in recorded history to swim from Sicily to Malta in a record-breaking 28 hours, 7 minutes, and 27 seconds.


All of these challenges come in an effort to raise awareness for the environmental campaign he established, Wave of Change.

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