Local Student Launches Maltese Version Of Wordle Called ‘Werdil’


Local student recently launched the first ever Maltese version of the online game Wordle.



21-year-old Maltese student Michael Pulis came up with his very own Maltese Wordle but instead called ‘Werdil’. For those of you that have never heard of Wordle, this game invites players to try and guess a five-letter word in six tries. This game can be found online and can only be played once a day. Wordle also chooses a new word for the day for the players to figure out.



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Michael Pulis created a similar version of the game in Maltese where players can guess any word in Maltese containing five letters. At first the game could only let players choose words from nouns but recent changes lets players choose any five letter word.



Click here if you want to play Werdil!