Local Police May Now Sport Beards, Dyed Hair & Nail Polish


The Malta Police Union has announced that all male members of the force may now sport a well-groomed beard if they so wish as from Monday.



The union also directed all officers not to wear their police cap and that hair may be dyed – but not in ‘conspicuous colours’ and nail polish of any colour may also be used.


This comes after the police commissioner failed to reply or even acknowledge a union request made last month to abolish a circular imposing on shaving, under the threat of disciplinary action for non-compliance, on all officers, including non-uniformed ones.



The union remarked that this order was ‘unlawful’ as the law only specifies that an officer must be shaven and properly dressed while in uniform. The union insisted that the law did not stipulate the commissioner with the right to add or subtract from this clause.


Byron Camilleri says calls for his resignation are 'unjust'


Last month, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri also suggested that a policy that requires officers to cover up their tattoos could be scrapped.