Local Photographer Snaps Up what Could be the Clearest Photo of Mount Etna Yet!


Just a few hours after Mount Etna in Sicily stopped erupting, one local photographer made it a point to wake up at 5am, and head to Siggiewi to try and take the ideal shot of the volcano which, on a good day, and with good visibility, can be seen from certain vantage points across the Maltese Islands.

Mark Zammit Cordina needs no introduction with all those who follow the Maltese Photographic Industry. He has photographed Prime Ministers, Minister, Presidents, Foreign Heads of State, Footballers from all over the world, singers, and a lot of candid photos which then make it onto Malta’s finest publications.


Mark was assisted by another stellar photographer Daniel Cini, who also took to social media to share his version of the awesome photo!

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