Local Photographer Captures Marsaxlokk’s Character In Every Single Detail

Meet Andrew Inguanez! Andrew is a 21-year old artist who specialises in fine art photography, graphic design and collage art.

We spoke with Andrew after his Behance profile caught our eye, more specifically, his Marsaxlokk photo series. I sat down with Andrew, with the proper distance, and asked him to show me his Marsaxlokk series – I open my WeTransfer link and I find some 60+ photos, which led to the hard task of choosing the best to show on here!



Anyone who had been at Marsaxlokk can easily describe it as the prettiest fishing Village, in Malta, and in the Mediterranean!



In fact, when you get there you are greeted by the smell of seawater, and traditional Maltese fishing boats, the Luzzu and the Kajjik!




“I wanted to capture the town’s character as accurately as possible,” Andrew told Bay, adding that his Marsaxlokk photo collection celebrates the town’s fishing and seaside culture.



We asked Andrew how would he describe Marsaxlokk, in just three words. His answer is pretty much our answer too – “Calm, nostalgic, traditional.”



Marsaxlokk is also a favourite spot for many bathers, including the world-famous Titti! Andrew’s photographic journey also takes us to Delimara and St Peter’s Pool!




We also asked him how he started off in the photography world. Andrew in fact started experimenting during his first year at Uni in 2017, (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Hons in Digital Arts), and since then he said, it has become a passion.



Marsaxlokk is also very very famous for its Sunday Market, which starts in the early hours all the way till midday. People from all over the island head to Marsaxlokk, on a day like today, at this very time, to buy the freshest of fish, the most colourful vegetables, the tastiest bigilla, and the odd ice cream!


Marsaxlokk becomes the plaice-to-be (get it?) for Fish and Seafood lovers on Sundays!




You can also find vegetables, Maltese appetizers, Gozitan Lace,
Nougat, Honey, Carob Syrup…the list is endless


Marsaxlokk is also home to some pretty doors!


This was just a selection of Andrew’s Marsaxlokk journey, which can be found on his Behance page. Here at Bay we always get really super curious when we see such great photos, and we have asked Andrew if he has any more collections in mind.

“Definitely,” he said. I have briefly photographed Nadur and Hamrun and I’d like to capture Balzan next for sure.”

We’ll be Waiting!