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Local Pharmacies Running Out Of Popular Medicines As Brexit Takes Its Toll


The impacts of the UK’s departure from the EU are now being felt on Malta’s medicine chest, as pharmacies are running out of popular products like Nurofen, Solpadeine, Rennies, Panadol Advance, and more…


white and blue medication pill blister pack


Since the UK is now considered a third country by the EU and is no longer part of the single market for pharmaceuticals, household names like migraine-relief Solpadeine, eye drops like Timolol, Cosopt, and Travatan, Thyroxine, and more will no longer sit on pharmacies’ shelves, as per Mario Debone, the chairman of the pharmaceutical division of the Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises.



Other common medicines like Rennie, Canesten, Panadol Advance, Difflam 3mg Lozenges, and Feminax are also running out. Some UK-manufactured products, like Sudocrem skincare and E45 are expected to be made available from other sources but will suffer an increase in costs.


green and white medication pill in clear glass jar


As Debono explained, ‘Brexit put us in a difficult position’, especially since the UK was the go-to market due to the ease of sourcing goods, competitive prices, and more.



Meanwhile, the government is working hard to find another source.