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Local Man Donates 3 Wigs Worth Of Hair To Child Cancer Patients


A 36-year-old Maltese man, Matthew Radmilli, has donated three wigs worth of hair for one hell of a cause…



A few months ago, Matthew took part in a 17-hour 100km triathlon trial for the Little Princess Trust Foundation in the UK which as he told Lovin Malta, was ‘nothing compared to the ordeal ill children have to go through’.



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Now, just days ago, Matthew went in for a drastic haircut after growing out his hair for nearly two years, which he had to do to transcend the recommended minimum required amount of seven inches.



Although he was born and raised on the Island, Matthew lives in the UK as an accomplished triathlon athlete and is dedicated to making other people’s lives better.


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When the pandemic boomed, several barbers and hair services were unavailable, so Matthew decided to grow out his hair. He then decided to continue growing his hair so that it could eventually be donated to children that have lost their hair due to their illnesses.



Taking on the challenge, Matthew even started raising money through a Gofundme page titled Hair, Hope, and Happiness to cover the cost to turn his hair into wigs. In total, he managed to raise over €1,500 of his €2,000 goal.


If you wish to help Matthew raise funds for the Little Princess Trust, you can donate by clicking here.