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Local Demand For Psychologists Increase By 33.7% In July


The Richmond Foundation has revealed that demand for psychological services has ‘increased significantly’, with 33.7% of the population reporting being concerned about their mental health.


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In a statement, the NGO shared that through its national research programme, it had found that in July, one in three people worried about their mental well-being.



An even higher 40.5% said they were concerned about the mental well-being of someone close to them. As the NGO shared, ‘The demand for psychological services has increased significantly across the board as more people feel the need to reach out for professional support.’


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‘Richmond Foundation, Malta’s leading mental health NGO, received a total of 3,800 calls to its 1770 helpline over the past 18 months, registering an increase of over 500 per cent,’ the NGO added.



Demands for therapeutic services also increased by 70% in the first six months of 2021, the foundation said. ‘The increased demand for psychological support and professional services is encouraging, in that it signifies that people are more aware of their mental health needs, and more willing to reach out for help.’, the foundation explained.


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‘The COVID-19 pandemic may have contributed towards the reduction of stigma related to mental health issues, having made it amply clear that each and every person may experience issues related to their mental wellbeing.’



However, this has also shone a light on the lack of human resources available in the sector.


If you or someone you love are struggling with their mental health, you can speak to a professional via the 1700 helpline or speak anonymously on OLLI Chat (both are available 24/7).