Local Comedian James Ryder Launches New Late Night Show


If you love entertainment, comedy, and everything else in between, then say hello to James Ryder’s brand-new Late Night show, Bay Tonight!



Written by James Ryder and popular Maltese writer and veteran comedian Malcolm Galea, Bay Tonight is as on-the-ball and relevant as it can get – so much so that the creators are keeping to an 18-hour limit between the start of scripting to online publishing.


In fact, the first episode touches upon the debatable Maltese Metro and the recent social media blackout.



Speaking about his latest show, Ryder revealed his favourite part of the process: ‘The scripting’s the fun bit. I’ve worked with Malcolm for a little over 10 years so we have a great writing dynamic. Plus a bit of scotch of pizza goes a long way at 11PM’.


But that doesn’t mean it comes easy either, given the tight deadline, as Ryder explained. ‘The one who ensures a speedy process would have to be our videographer Rumen Alexandrov.’, he remarked. ‘He’s a demon on the editing floor and can film and patch up an episode that reaches all standards in just a few hours.’



Make sure to stay tuned for the next episode of Bay Tonight with James Ryder!

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