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Local Band ‘The Busker’ Reveal their New Frontman, and it’s A Face We All Know!


After five months and a half of a lot of work done behind the scenes, local band ‘The Busker’ have finally announced that their new frontman is none other than X Factor Malta’s Dav Jr.

“Last year brought about so many challenges, personally and musically, where I felt that happiness is always better when shared,” Dav Jr said, adding that ‘as part of my persuit for happiness I itched to work with different musicians and for relationships, to take another step forward in music.”

Dave said that this is what this will be, his next step, his new adventure.

On their official Instagram page, the Busker thanked all the things which led up to this moment, and said that the last six months have been challenging but they are grateful to have come to this.



After a few hits on Malta’s Top 10 in the past weeks, we are sure that The Busker will continue to be a permanent feature on Malta’s best local Chart Show, every Monday at 9:30pm with Jake!