LISTEN: Micimago Treats us with a Brand New Solo Release – ‘Lift You Up’

As summer draws to an end, Micimago is back with another solo release called “Lift You Up”. Fresh off a very successful summer with his brothers at MTEAM, Micimago has now released his second solo song for the year.

The song saw its conception back in 2019 but was quickly put aside. A year later, while everyone was locked up at home, the basic idea came back to the artist’s head and he decided to give it another go.



Slouching on the couch with just a laptop and a pair of headphones, the song was produced in four days.


Discussing the vision behind the track, Micimago pictures it as the perfect end-of-summer track, having a chill vibe that can go perfectly with a drive during the sunset hour. Looking onwards, Micimago believes that since live shows are currently in absence, songwriting and productions are what can keep the connection between the artists and their fanbase.

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