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Only A True Liquorish Fan Will Get These Right!

When was the first edition of Liquorish held?
What are the actual names of 2019’s winners il-Bocc u l-Booster?
During 2018’s hitchhike in Bangladesh, what did participants have to carry around?
True or False: Pawla is the only female contestant that has won Liquorish
Which of these Maltese personalities did not participate in Liquorish?
Which participant left mid-adventure in the 2017 Liquorish edition: Peru?
Which of these places has Liquorish not been to … yet
What did Conrad do for the 2020 Coca Cola Impossible Adventure
Which participant refused to eat living cockroaches, so they let cockroaches roam around freely in their mouths?
What was the largest number of participants Liquorish has ever had for an adventure?
Only A True Liquorish Fan Will Get These Right
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