Lion King tickets are officially out and we can’t handle how amazing the cast is!!!

Lion King 2019

We’ve been waiting for 25 years … but finally tickets for the Lion King 2019 action movie premiere are officially available. And it’s not just any premiere, as Eden Cinemas are cooking up something extra special for all Lion King and Disney fans! You can watch your favourite Disney story come to life right in front of your eyes with a cast and crew that will leave your jaw dropped; check it out.

Beyonce as Nala


She accepted the role in August of 2017, five months after she got the offer, but we can expect her to raise her voice in song for some of our Lion King favourites. Although the movie is a live action one, we can confirm that it will still be a musical, even though not all songs have made the cut.

Mufasa is still played by James Earl Jones

james earl jones

We don’t really blame the production team and casting crew. There really is no one else we can imagine playing Mufasa than the Lion King original. It’ll be nice to hear a little sound of home throughout the whole movie won’t it?

Donald Glover as Simba

donald glover

Maybe you know him as Donald Glover … or maybe as Childish Gambino, but as of the 19th of July, you’ll know him for none other than Simba.  Although, his Childish Gambino days come in quite handy for his role as a singing Simba.

Chiwetel Ejiofor playing Scar

Scar lion king 2019

Now this came as a shock to us. In case you need to put a face to the name, Chiwetel is the actor who plays the main role in 12 Years a Slave. Typically speaking, he rarely plays the villain in a movie which is why this casting surprised us … but in a good way. His deep voice is sure to nail the role of Scar and scare us a bit while he’s at it.

Seth Rogen as Pumbaa

seth rogen

While many of his movies are not exactly family friendly, we have seen him star in animated movies before. As one of Hollywood’s top comedy actor, we are genuinely hoping that he brings some of that humour into his role and cracks a joke or two.

Lion King is premiering at the Eden Cinemas on the 19th of July. Don’t wait till the last minute to book your tickets for this highly anticipated film. Grab them from the Eden Cinemas site before it’s too late!

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