Lil Nas X Releases New Virtual Twerking Game ‘Twerk Hero’


Lil Nas X has just dropped a Twerk Hero game in which you shake a virtual butt along to the sounds of his recent MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – and nope, we’re not kidding (and we’re so glad that we’re not).



The game – which just saying, can be quite addictive whilst on the quick coffee break – is clearly an homage to Guitar Hero, but instead of wielding an axe and nailing some heavy riffs, you’ve got Lil Nas X’s butt, and you’re twerking.



Hello, did someone say ICONIC? At the beginning of the game, the player is instructed to ‘grab the booty and hit the incoming temptations’. Basically, you’ve got to grip Lil Nas X’s bum with your curser and movie it around so it hits the pink arrows.



And if you score enough points, you get to soar on up through the levels, all of which coincide with the storyline of the music video. The first level is set in the Garden of Eden where you’re left to face the temptation of the snake.


But once you twerk your way through that, you get to the colosseum where he condemned and then onto the infamous pole before level 4, which takes you to the fires of hell…fun!


Really banking on becoming a true Twerk Hero now…

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