Light Pollution In Xlendi Reduced Thanks To New Solar-Powered Light System

13 lamp posts, powered by solar-power have been installed along the Xlendi coastline, with the aim not only to increase sustainability but also to reduce light pollution within the area.

Ftit tal-jiem ilu 📆 ġiet installata sistema ġdida ta’ dwal 💡 bl-użu ta’ enerġija solari 🔆 ġewwa x-Xlendi. Permezz ta’…

Publiée par Clint Camilleri sur Lundi 3 août 2020

“Thanks to intelligent lights and motion sensors, the new lights will give off as much intensity as needed and in necessary amounts,” Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri shared on Facebook. “This is so that while we are using reusable energy, we also limit light pollution.”

People are not aware of the negative effects light pollution has. He explained that the installation of high-intensity artificial lighting, LED billboards and other sources of artificial light have a considerable effect on our everyday life.

Apart from negative effects on our flora and fauna, scientific studies have shown that light pollution may affect public health and affect sleep patterns. Light pollution may also affect criminality rates in particular areas, reduce the visibility of the night sky, and increase energy consumption.

Well done on the initiative! And we hope to see more of these pop up all over Malta and Gozo.