LIDL Malta will be replacing all single-use plastic cutlery and dishes with ‘Green’ alternatives

LIDL Malta

LIDL Malta are no longer selling single-use plastic dishware such as cups, plates and cutlery in their Malta based stores. LIDL are offering their customers a biodegradable and compostable alternative instead.

“With this initiative we would be removing around 5 million harmful products from the environment which amount to 27 tonnes of plastic per year.”

The new range offered by LIDL will be made from Pla and Mater-Bi bioplymers. These can be recycled and reused into different resources if disposed of properly.

“We want to be among the first companies to conform with EU regulations so that by 2021 the sale of single use plastic will be removed completely. We’re also planning to reduce the amount of plastic we use by 20% by 2025.”

Well done for the great initiative LIDL Malta!