LEX & Oxygyn Release Their New Single ‘COMATOSE’


LEX & Oxygyn are bringing something new to the table within the local music industry, with their new collaboration track titled ‘COMATOSE’.



It all started from a meet up at a café, where LEX played a couple of different sketches to the band. One of the samples had the first notes to the track, which are also present in their final release.



As a band, Oxygyn are always on the lookout for different approaches towards music production, and is what brought the two artists to work together.



‘COMATOSE’ is a reflection of the lifestyle we adapted to during the past couple of years, which LEX described as “living in a ‘loop'”. Oxygyn also added that they wanted the end result to be upbeat, hence creating a juxtaposition between their aim and the lack of energy and enthusiasm the world has been facing during the pandemic.



Let LEX & Oxygyn take you on a journey with their amazing new track by clicking here.