LEX and Dav.Jr Team Up to Launch “Running Around” – Played First This Morning on Bay Breakfast


We all remember Dav Jr from the X Factor and we all know LEX as one of the hottest DJs around, and we have said it time and time again, even as our Jake put it recently, collaborations lead to great results, and amazing music. The new track “Running Around” is exactly that! LEX dropped by the Bay Studios this morning on Bay Breakfast to launch his new track with Dav Jr, who joined on the phone!



LEX and Dav.Jr have been working on their collaboration for a couple of months to bring together the intimate sound the David is known for with the dynamic punch that LEX puts forward.

They had no idea what the result would be when they started but they knew it had to be a different style than what both artists have put out so far. They did not want to rush this track.



LEX said that this is the most challenging track which he has made so far, and he says that in a good way. “We pretty much developed the initial riff instantly then worked separately when COVID hit, cause it made it tricky to simply meet up. So Dav nailed lyrics and the vocals while I put the production together.”


He adds: “I did not want this to be a club track; first of all I wanted to push the limits of what I can produce and second of all, now is not the time to put out club tracks. I wanted something more emotional. But working with Dav has been an absolute blast as he challenged me in so many ways to make this track the best it can be.”



Dav.Jr told Bay that “Running Around” is a track that Lex and himself worked on very organically, and they both allowed their inspiration to come and ride the wave when it did, but also took their time off it when the inspiration left.

He said that “for most of the song we worked separately during the time of Lockdown, which in my opinion gave the track an individualistic sound. What worked best was that we both allowed each other to bring our expertise to the table, but challenged one another when we felt was needed.”