“Let’s Spread Positivity And Love” – Malta’s Queen Of Soul Speaks Out On #BlackOutTuesday


X Factor Winner Destiny has spoken out through her Instagram in light of what has been happening all over the world recently, with today being commemorated as #BlackOutTuesday all over the world, even here at 89.7 Bay.

“I stand with what’s right and black lives matter. I still can not believe how ignorance and lack of knowledge is a leading cause of racial segregation in society. Even today BLACK PEOPLE encounter different forms of discrimination simply because of their skin colour,” Destiny said in her post, which was accompanied by a blank black sqaure.

Black lives do matter, All lives matter we are all human beings, Malta’s Eurovision star stated.

“We all suffer, we all have different backgrounds, and we all should be treated equally, cause in the end we are all the same. Let’s spread positivity and love🖤🤍,” Destiny concluded.

We couldn’t agree more, and just because it fits perfectly, time for all of us to take a three-minute break and listen to Destiny’s All of My Love!