Lego F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments Set Launching In June


If you ever dreamt or been jealous of Monica from FRIENDS flat, you will soon be able to have your very own LEGO version of it.


The set of course includes our favourite Friends characters – Janice included.



LEGO has just announced its release of an official FRIENDS apartment set where you can construct not Monica and Rachel’s flat but Joey and Chandler’s too.


You will be able to ‘live’ through some of the best FRIENDS scenes once occurred – we all remember when Rachel and Chandler ate cheesecake off the floor, right?



This release comes 27 years after the show’s premier, which proves how popular this series still is.


It will be a 2,048 piece set aimed for 18 year olds and older.



People have since taken to Twitter to talk about the new set.



One person wrote, ‘Oh man! Oh man! I just love the look of this set! The details that surround the interior design. Such an extravagant set!’, as someone else joked, ‘Dear Lego, take all my money. Sincerely’.


You will be able to get your hands on it as from June 1 and we couldn’t be any more excited.




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