Lego are releasing a new ‘Friends’ collection

Friends may have ended back in 2004, but the TV show still remains incredibly popular today.

It’s so popular in fact, that LEGO have revealed that their latest collection will be based on Central Perk from the hit 90s sitcom.

The company made the announcement on social media, where they shared a short video, teasing the new set – and we can already tell we’re going to want it all.

They wrote: ‘The one with LEGO bricks coming soon.’

The set is a miniature brick construction of the Central Perk coffee shop where the gang would hang out in the show.

The focal point is the couch, chairs, and table that served as the gathering place for Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Monica as they navigated the pitfalls of being young and attractive with impossibly nice apartments in New York.

The set also includes the rest of the fixtures of Central Perk: the stage where Phoebe plays her guitar, the coffee bar, and Gunther.

If you’re a real Friends addict, you’ll also have noticed that all of the character figures are modelled on the stars’ looks from the first season.

The Friends set was commissioned as part of the Lego Ideas scheme where members of the public submit their ideas to the Lego website.

It includes 1070 different pieces and will be available from the Lego website from September.

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