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League of Legends Finals Showing At Eden Cinemas


Whoever thought that League of Legends would arrive at the Eden Cinemas? 👀


Calling all LOL fans! Your dreams are becoming a reality as the World Championship Final will be showing LIVE on the big screen. Worlds ’22 will be broadcast live in theatres around the globe on 5th November. Where Champions are made.


Get your tickets for the show here!



Experience Summoners’ Rift like you’ve never seen it before, together with other fans all cheering on in one place. Beyond the epic games and suspenseful results of the Worlds 22′ Champions, there will also be exclusive musical performances.


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The Worlds Finals screening also includes a spectacular Opening Ceremony featuring an exclusive theatre-only performance by top Grammy-award-winning artist, Lil Nas X!



Lil Nas X will perform the 2022 Worlds anthem, “Star Walking,” to the crowd alongside other musical acts. Lil Nas X created the 2022 Worlds anthem with Riot Games and has also served as the President of League of Legends in the company’s promotional circuit around the international tournament.


Will you be there to root for your favourite team? 🤩