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LATEST: Mandatory Quarantine Extended to those who arrive in Malta from Any Country


PM Robert Abela has just announced the latest precautionary measure in light of the recent COVID-19 Developments. During a Press Conference today, Dr Abela announced that Mandatory Quarantine is now being extended to arrivals to Malta from all countries.

The Prime Minister reminded everyone that Mandatory Quarantine is subject to regular spot-checks by Police Officials with a €1,000 fine in place for every time a person is not found at the registered address when checked upon.

The Prime Minister also appealed to third-country nationals, residing in Malta to fully comply with all instructions given by the Health Authorities in Malta. He did so as, in his words, he is informed of incidents whereby these people are being somewhat reluctant to adhere to such instructions. PM Abela said apart from the €1,000 fine these people will be subject to the revoking of their work permit, consequently leading to deportation.


Other measures which were announced today were related to Public Transport. PM Abela said that with immediate effect, standing passengers on board buses will not be allowed. Moreover, in a statement, Malta Public Transport stated that its buses are cleaned every night, adding that during the past two weeks, the cleaning of buses has been intensified using chemicals instead of regular detergents. Furthermore, the company has implemented an additional cleaning schedule of the buses during the day, especially in the driver cabin area, and has also provided personal hand sanitizer bottles to all employees that have direct contact with the public, including bus drivers, and has installed wall-mounted hand sanitizers in all its facilities. Moreover, Bus drivers have been instructed to open all windows inside the buses, and to switch off air-conditioning systems, as requested by the authorities.



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