Last night’s X Factor Malta episode was … something else

First week of boot camp was … surprising to say the least, and not just cos Ema was put in a group … but because of all these…

1. I’m already stressed just from watching the promo

There are people crying, singing terribly, Howard is insulting people … I’m ready.

 2. WAIT … they did NOT just put my good sis Ema in a group

 Us obsessing over Ema all week just for her to be placed in a group:

3. Thank god for this show providing us such a diverse bunch

 4. The first men’s montage/song … I –

 5. I expect nothing less

 6. I’m sure that Ira is quaking at these three

 7. Ira is that one friend on Facebook that likes all your posts

 8. So is this girl

 9. Howard’s reaction to Julia’s high note …

It’s ok Julia hi, ma gara xejn.

 10. Ray without a hat and sunglasses could walk past me on the street and I wouldn’t know it

 11. Celine and Keith have transported me.

It’s Winter 2006, Saturday afternoon, I’m watching Chicken Little. Life is good

 12. Me checking my balance hoping I’ve got enough to buy yet another McNuggets meal:

13. THEY’RE SINGING BILLIE AND KHALID, if they don’t make me cry, I’m ready to sue

My lawyers will not be in contact only because their voices were “lovely” (heheheh) but I’m sorry only Billie can do Billie.

14. How are these two pop boys going to keep up with Karl, a vocalist


16. There is a special place in hell reserved for whoever came up with this

17. The way they’re keeping the commentary limited cause they know they’ll end up in another scandal lmao

18. They did Jessica so dirty with the ‘unemployed’ thing but my god the cackle I let out …

19. Third Harmony snapped, though

 20. Chantal is evidence of how you just don’t age when you’re unproblematic

 21. Get yourself someone that listens to you the way Ira listens to people singing her songs


 23. Can you believe we were focusing on Mark all along when MATT AND MARIJA WERE RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES

The energy … the rapping skills … superb.

 24. Honestly … a trio

My last three brain cells trying to get along.

25. I … I didn’t even realise it finished

I swear minus the ad breaks we had about a full 30 minutes of bootcamp.


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