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Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Christmas is 3 days away, and if someone gave you an unexpected gift, or if you just decided to leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute, we’re here to help you out! Here are a few last-minute present ideas…


Box of Chocolates or Biscuits


assorted chocolates in box


The great thing about the festive season is that there’s always an array of chocolate or biscuit selections available at any store, and who doesn’t love some indulgent treats?


A Bag



Whether a handbag, tote bag, or backpack, not only is this a functional gift, but it can be super stylish too!





blue white and yellow socks


A present that’s always welcome by everyone and anyone!


Baked Goods


close-up photography of cupcakes


A more thoughtful (but more time-consuming) gift is to consider is to simply bake something – cookies, cupcakes, cakes – the choice is yours!




person holding cup and DSLR camera


Because you can never have enough – plus, you can personalise it too!





Photo of Bedroom


Whether you’re helping someone out with their house décor, or want to gift someone some cosiness, you can never go wrong with a nice blanket!


Face Masks


white and black striped textile


If there’s any perfect gift for 2020, it’s surely a face mask