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2 New Screens With Laser Projection Opening At Eden Cinemas


Malta’s biggest cinemas is getting bigger! 


The Eden Cinemas will be opening two brand new cinema rooms, Cinemas 8 & 9, this 16th December. There will be 417 premium seats added.



So there will now be a total of 9 screening rooms and over 2000 seats. The 2 new cinema rooms are fitted with the newest technology, including Laser Projection and floating new screens.


The newly installed seats in Cinemas 8 and 9


Prepare to see your favourite films in even better quality B) 


Of course, the new screening rooms will also feature cutting-edge soundproofing systems for the highest quality sound. You’re in for a total 360 immersive experience. 



And before we forget to mention… the first film showing in these new rooms will be the long-awaited Avatar: The Way Of Water.


Get lost in Pandora at the newest theatres in Eden Cinemas!