La Casa De Papel Season Four Streams TODAY!


Just in case you are running out of things to watch in these unusual times, fear no more. All your prayers have been answered as Money Heist’s Season 4 starts streaming TODAY on Netflix.



La Casa De Papel is the most popular non-English speaking show on the whole of the Netflix, and has gripped viewers around the world for three thrilling seasons already, including our very own Daniel, who is a self-confessed fan, as he has told us many a time during Bay Breakfast, and during office discussions which follow!

The series, for those who are uninitiated, was created by Alex Pina and follows a gang of eight criminals through their plan – initially – to break into the Royal Mint of Spain.



So, where are we up to?

Well, at the end of season three we found the crew back together again and planning another – even bigger – heist than their first endeavour.

This was supposed to be an elaborate plan to rescue one of their captured comrades but – it quickly turned into a situation of right chaos.

The Professor is convinced that Raquel is dead, and is asking for DEFCON, which basically means the firing of a load of rocket-propelled grenades at the approaching tank looking to storm the Bank of Spain.



Fans all over convinced seem hell-bent on the theory that Nairobi is dead – and that is because, those really attentive ones pointed out that she does not feature in any of the recent promo shots or trailers – BUT this might be a trick up Pina’s sleeve!

Another interesting development is the arrival of a new police negotiator arriving on the scene, which might seem like the Professor’s plan is gonna go up in flames.

These theories and mysteries will all be solved today – make sure your subscription is in order.

Happy Binging y’all!



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