Kyle George Sits Down With Jake On Malta’s Top 10 To Talk About His Latest Singles & Future


Malta’s Top 10 with Jake is back with a new, beloved guest – Kyle George, who sat down to discuss his latest singles, future plans, and upcoming collabs!



Kyle revealed that over the pandemic, he used his time to double-down on his career and write some songs. In fact, he released both of his singles – Do You Right and Back To You – within a year, with Do You Right even reaching Malta’s Top 10!



Speaking about his future plans, Kyle revealed that he’s been in contact with a couple of foreign producers and in 7 months, will be permanently moving to the UK.



When it comes to his evolving style, Kyle remarked, ‘I believe my style might change because the more you grow, the more you change and experience things in life – but I feel like I’m almost there’.



To be totally honest, the reason why my singles were so different was because I was going through a personal, emotional time, so that inevitably transferred onto my music. Afterwards, though, I had a better mindset and things became clearer’, he continued.


With regards to collabs, Kyle revealed that he’d love to work with someone else: ‘there are collaborations in discussion with artists like Nicole Frendo, so the thought is there, but it comes with a certain level of commitment too’.


Malta’s Top 10 will be back with Jake next Monday at 9:30pm!

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