KSU to Hold its Annual General Meeting Online Next Week


KSU (University Students’ Council) have announced that they will be holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, 30th of April 2020 – adding that for the very first time, this meeting will be streamed online as opposed to the previous editions of the Annual General Meetings held by KSU.

In a statement, KSU said that the restrictions currently in place due to the COVID-19 Outbreak have left a significant impact on its operations, however, KSU has strived to remain of service for all its members by adopting other methods such as working remotely during these unprecedented times.

KSU has also sought legal advice and consulted with the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector to ensure that the AGM could be held, whilst ensuring that the health and safety of its members remains at the top of its agenda.


KSU remains confident that with the technological infrastructure that has been made available together with the professional assistance provided by the University of Malta’s Registrar Office and IT Services, the Annual General meeting can be held safely. The Council has also taken this decision to safeguard its members’ democratic right to fully participate in the An- nual General Meeting whilst also preserving the legitimacy of its structures.

Holding the AGM using live-streaming methods will facilitate the process so that students would still be able to participate and exercise their rights as outlined in the Council’s own statute.

The statute allows all full members, which includes all those registered as students within the University of Malta and its structures, to be able to attend and vote during the meeting.



Students will be asked to register their attendance prior to the AGM by following a unique code which will be sent via email to all verified students using their official University of Malta account. The email will also include all the necessary instructions which students will be asked to follow for them to login successfully, exercise speaking and voting rights whilst allowing for the AGM chairperson to lead the meeting at ease.



KSU has already announced its plans for holding this year’s AGM to all its full members with further information to be communicated closer to date.

KSU will also be proposing a number of procedural motions aligning to the new system being implemented to further ensure the meeting’s efficiency.

Whilst KSU will be making its Annual and Financial reports available to the public prior to the AGM, KSU will propose reading a redacted version of these reports during the meeting whilst postponing the full reading and approval to a later date.

KSU will be proposing that once Legal Notice 101 of 2020 is revised to allow for the meeting to take place, it would hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) within two months to allow for both the Annual and Financial reports to be discussed and voted on in their entirety .

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