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KSU speaks up against inappropriate behaviour of students singing before dissecting cadaver

Yesterday’s video of medical students singing ‘We are the World’ before dissecting a cadaver definitely raised some eyebrows.


The medical students were encouraged to sing prior to the dissection in order to calm their nerves prior to watching their professor cut up the cadaver. Quite understandable given the nature of the situation.

However, several people found their act itself to be disrespectful towards the cadaver.

Immediate action has been taken against the students who filmed the anatomy class.

KSU released a statement on the matter earlier today.

“Kunsill Studenti Universitarji – KSU, condemns any unethical and inappropriate behaviour when dealing with the dissection of cadavers, an incredibly sensitive matter.

“KSU sympathises with the families and loved ones of persons who have donated their body for research.

“These events should not serve to taint the incredible and selfless gesture of donating one’s body to research. KSU calls for appropriate action to be taken to ensure that such matters are not repeated within such context.

“KSU believes in the importance of the use of cadavers for the transfer of medical knowledge to students. Dissection is a component of the first and second year studies of Medical School at the University of Malta.

“Here, corpses which have been donated for science are utilised to teach in a practical manner rather than through theoretical aspects alone. We understand that working with ‘human anatomical specimens’ requires sensitivity and respect, given that the cadaver is an invaluable gift to medical education.

“Ethical consideration is an integral part of this aspect of teaching and it is imperative that caution and care are exercised by everyone involved at all times.”

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