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KSJC Creates a Safe Space for Students

We all know that the surroundings we are in, are of crucial importance in our everyday lives. They have an effect on how we think, on whether we concentrate or not, and on the way we talk.

This is exactly what KSJC has kept in mind when remodelling their office and their space on Campus at Junior College.

KSJC transformed the students’ space where it holds debates, distributes information and encourages students to involve themselves in economic, environmental and social spheres.

The office, which was sponsored by BOV, has been designed to be conducive to a creative safe atmosphere that instigates discussion, creativity and planning.

“Thanks to BOV, the modern look and relaxed ambient of the new KSJC office is going to create a more convenient and functional area of service,” stated Kleaven Pisani, President of the Kunsill Studenti Junior College. “This will enable us to focus on our work throughout the year, solidifying the best possible experience for Junior College students. This fresh-looking office is more appealing to students and will result in KSJC being even closer to students than ever before.”

Vanessa Borg, BOV Marketing Manager said: “We believe that students are very important stakeholders in our society.  They are the leaders of tomorrow and they should be in the centre of discussions as from today. At Bank of Valletta, we felt that can help support these students in making this happen.”