Kristen Stewart shocks us as Princess Diana again


This is just the second photo we’ve yet seen of Kristen Stewart portraying Princess Diana, but we’re already sold. If you didn’t know, the Twilight breakout star will be playing the part of the late royal in the new film, ‘Spencer’. Production started late last year and it is set to be released for Autumn 2022, just ahead of the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death.


The first snippet we saw of Kristen’s portrayal had us taking a double-take and this new BTS shot has nothing less of the same effect. The actress is seen on set sporting the iconic shaggy blonde bob, a red and green plaid blazer and sunglasses for a street scene on a busy road. All the details are spot-on and make for an excellent resemblance.



The only thing that takes us out of the illusion is the Adidas sneakers that Kristen opted for in between filming. Then again we’re quite familiar with the actress’s disdain for high heels, thinking back to when she walked the 2018 Cannes Film Festival barefoot and ditched her Louboutins.



Nonetheless, we’ll take any teaser we can get for the upcoming film because any new rendition of the beloved royal is welcome by us. ‘Spencer’ is titled after Diana’s maiden name and the film will centre only on 2 days in December 1991 as Princess Diana spends Christmas with the royal family and takes the decision to end her marriage to Prince Charles.


At this point, expectations are high and we can’t wait to get the full experience of the ex-teen vampire as the reimagined princess, philanthropist and mother.


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