Koalas May Become Extinct In Australia


Koalas are at risk of becoming extinct. 


The status of koalas in Australia has been upgraded to ‘endangered’ from ‘vulnerable’. The Federal Environment Minister said that there are only about 180,000 koalas remaining along the east coast. However, Koala Foundation disagree with that estimate and say that there are likely only 50,000 to 80,000 across the whole country.


This news left Australians in shock and koala conservation will in turn be given a greater priority. The Federal Environment Minister is going to start working towards creating resilient populations ahead of any future natural disasters with the help of $50 million to koala conservation and protection.


Australia warns koalas 'endangered' as numbers plunge


National environment laws have fundamentally failed to provide the protection the koala needs.” – Basha Stasak, Australian Conservation Foundation.


Stuart Blanch from the World Wildlife Fund said that this news was “grim but important. It helps people who want to save koalas to do the right thing.


Australia warns koalas 'endangered' as numbers plunge | Inquirer News


The koala population has been in decline for years due to climate change, land clearing and disease.