Koalas In Australia Are Facing Extinction


According to the Australian Koala Foundation, the population of wild koalas has decreased by 30% in the last three years.

The foundation, which has been tracking koala populations for the past decade, has discovered that there are between 32,000 and 58,000 of the marsupials left, down from 46,000 to 82,000 in 2018.



Scientists have warned that koalas may become extinct, as the current population of koalas in Australia is a fraction of the eight million that existed before Europeans arrived.


Though the decline in koala numbers has occurred across the country, it is most obvious in Queensland, where only 6,500 remain.



The Australian Government, under their Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act now listed Koalas as “vulnerable”, meanwhile The Australian Koala Foundation is pushing for the koala to be considered as “critically endangered”, where they emphasized that the introduction of separate legislation to protect the animal is critical.


According to a report issued in June of last year, koalas in New South Wales will be extinct by 2050, with about 5,000 koalas dying in last year’s devastating bushfires.



The research also stated that continuous climate change constituted a severe threat to koalas, claiming that the current tactics and policies to safeguard the koala aren’t working.