Kanye’s Music Wins Vote against Eminem in Landslide Victory


All Love Hip Hop hosted a rap battle between Kanye West and Eminem. Both of their songs were put head to head on Twitter, and with over 500 thousand votes in just 48 hours, Kanye pulled a massive lead!




The beef sparked up when Eminem mentioned that Kanye was nowhere near the best rappers of all time, so All Love Hip Hop decided to promptly put that to the test…



From the 20 song matchups that were voted on, Yeezy pulled through with an 18 out of 20 win, which is a crazy majority considering that both artists are pretty popular, not to mention successful! With over 500,000 votes in two days, it seems like a lot of their fans came through with their support!



I’m guessing that Kanye’s win was heavily based on Eminem’s drop in popularity, due to his latest albums not reaching the sky-high expectations that Eminem’s old fans had, which is a shame considering Eminem has been on top of the rap game for decades. I mean, give the guy a break!



The biggest margin was between Kanye’s ‘Flashing Lights’ ft. Dwele and Eminem and 50 Cent’s ‘Patiently Waiting’:



Eminem deserves credit where it’s due, and his renowned hit ‘The Real Slim Shady’ beat Kanye’s catchy ‘Gold Digger’, which is considered one of Kanye’s biggest hits. So kudos to good ol’ Slim Shady for standing his ground!



As for Kanye, good for him!… Clearly, the majority of rap-loving voters fully support Yeezy, and it’s surely a win he needed after his major flop in the presidential election…

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