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Justin Tabone, 22, Tragically Dies On Football Pitch

RIP Justin

22-year-old Justin Tabone has tragically died after collapsing on a football pitch in Birkirkara.


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During a game at St Aloysius College Sports Complex on Monday night, Tabone allegedly suffered a heart attack and was given CPR for 15 minutes.



Fellow players claimed that an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) couldn’t be located until the ambulance arrived approximately 15 minutes after the incident. Tabone was confirmed to have lost his life at mater Dei hospital a few moments later.


St Aloysius Sports Complex | St Aloysius College


St.Aloysius College rector Fr Jimmy Bartolo expressed his sorrow for the death of the young player and emphasised that the school has 2 AED’s, despite claims to the players that there were none.



Sending our deepest condolences to Justin’s family and friends.