‘Judge Judy’ Is Ending After 25 Years, With New Show ‘Judy Justice’ In The Works


The Emmy-winnning, courtroom TV show that has dominated daytime television since 1998, Judge Judy, is officially coming to an end after 25 years and over 12,500 taped cases.



Judge Judy’s final season will end on September 10 on CBS. Upon wrapping up production, producers surprised Judy with a video tribute with cameos by Jimmy Kimmel, Whoopi Goldberg, Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa, Joy Behar, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Meghan McCain, and Wendy Williams.



All cameos praised Judy for her hard work as a family court judge and prosecutor for over two decades. Uncharacteristically, Judy shared, ‘I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel so blessed that you’ve given me the benefit of your talents over all these years — and changed the dynamic of me, my family and friends forever.’


Judge Judy Is Still Judging You - The New York Times


Discussing the impact her show has had on her, Judy shared: ‘So many of the emails and letters I get are from women who watched me and had their daughters watch me. They told me the show helped them take the next step, whether it was getting a divorce, leaving an abusive person, asking for a raise and never, ever becoming somebody’s prisoner.’



The show has long brought comfort to those who love it when the bad guys get their retaliations. But don’t worry, the woman who cracks that her only hobby is work will be releasing a new courtroom program on Amazon’s IMDb TV later this year.


Judge Judy Says She and CBS Had 'a Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce' |  PEOPLE.com


Yet, the conversation around criminal justice has changed since she battled as a hard-liner in Family court. She added, ‘But to me, there are constants: Take care of the children that you bring into this world. Don’t steal other people’s property. Respect the community where you live’.


As she said at her last taping, ‘That’s all. We’re finished. Thank you very much!’

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