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Johnny Depp thinks that Playing The Joker Could See Him Win an Academy Award


Historically, the role of the Joker and Academy Award success go hand in hand, as every single start who played the Clown Prince of Crime has either won an Oscar before taking the role, or else has won an Oscar for their portrayal of The Joker.

Jack Nicholson had 9 nominations and two Oscars when he signed up to be Tim Burton’s Joker, while we all remember Heath Ledger’s posthumous Oscar for his iconic Dark Knight performance. With a performance that split opinions, Jared Leto had just won Best Supporting Actor for Dallas Buyers Club before becoming The Joker four years after.



Of the many names being dropped and even illustrated in a million and one fan arts, Johnny Depp was reportedly being considered for the role, and now it is being claimed that the 57-year old actor, irrespective of all the Amber Heard drama which made up most of our 2020, still wants the role.

In fact, Johnny Depp thinks that the role could win him an Oscar and presumably serve as a kick-restart for his career. However, this being the same studio which have fired him from the Fantastic Beasts saga, we highly doubt how much this will come true.