Joe Biden Will be the 46th President of the United States of America

Most major networks are reporting that after winning Pennsylvania, Joe Biden will now have the 270 needed electoral votes, and some extra ones too, thus emerging as the winner in this historic and fought out election.



History will also be made as his running mate, Kamala Harris, Former California senator, who is of Indian and Jamaican heritage, will be first elected woman in White House, as Vice President.

Throughout the campaign, and even in his most recent speech yesterday, Vice President Biden always came across calm and compassionate, while promising a more empathetic and scientific approach to the pandemic, and pledging to stabilise American politics.



Trump was in the lead by quite a bit over Biden on the night of the election, so much that he had even declared that he had won Pennsylvania during his first press conference after election day.

However, as election officials counted hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, the race shifted dramatically in Biden’s favour – something which has not gone down well with Trump who has been repeatedly stating that he won!



This will not be ending here as there are still votes to be counted, and in some states, recounted, while Trump’s campaign has also opened a series of lawsuits for various states.

What is for certain though, is that, without Pennsylvania, Donald Trump has no path through which he can be reelected.


Photo: Getty Images