‘Jesus Tok’: In Other Words…Kanye West’s Newest Venture


We all know what TikTok is; A cluster of teens, trends and sounds living in sweet harmony to create an app that successfully keeps me entertained while on the toilet.

Considering TikTok is available to anyone without many restrictions, there is obviously a decent amount of content that might not be considered completely child friendly.



I will admit, TikTok has cleaned up its act considerably over the past few months to appeal to a younger audience, but certain parents might still have an issue with their 12 year-old copying some of the trends that arise from the app.

Well have no fear, Kanye is here!

According to his Twitter, Kanye has had “A VISION”: Jesus Tok



Yes, this is a legit thing, like THE Kanye West purposely tweeted that he wants to create Jesus Tok.

This is pretty self-explanatory as a concept; Kanye wants to create a regulated TikTok which is safe for Christians and children to use without the risk of being exposed to certain types of content. Basically, less twerking, more ‘appropriate’ content.



Honestly, the stuff kids are doing on TikTok isn’t even that bad, but I get the concern that some parents may have.

I’m sure no one wants their kids twerking along with all their favourite TikTokers, but I’m sure if you just explain to your kids what’s appropriate for their age they’ll listen to you.

After all, if your kids watch YouTube music videos, then I’m sure they can handle Charli D’Amelio doing the Renegade!

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