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Jeremie Camilleri Said He Is A “Proud Criminal” Hours Before Committing Murder

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In a shocking revelation, police inspector Kurt Zahra shared in court that Jeremie Camilleri had informed his ex-girlfriend that he was a “psychopath” and a “proud criminal” just an hour before he ran over Pelin Kaya in Gżira. The evidence compilation against Camilleri has begun.


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According to Zahra, he spoke with Camilleri’s former partner, who confirmed they had a argument on January 17th. In the early hours of the morning, Camilleri sent her a voice message saying he was a psychopath and proud criminal and that she would hear about him in the news the following day.



Although the voice message was deleted, police were able to recover it. The RIU officer who arrested Jeremie Camilleri also took the stand, testifying that the suspect had threatened and insulted him and his colleagues. Additionally, Camilleri reportedly bragged about killing someone because it would make him famous.