Jake Vella Wins Prestigious Award Over the Weekend While in the ITU

Jake Vella, the 10-year-old Maltese boy who suffers from ROHHAD, has won the Sports Malta People’s Choice Award by popular vote.

Unfortunately, Jake wasn’t able to be physically present at the awards himself. He is currently in the ITU unit due to his condition.

Jake’s condition makes it extremely hard for him to lose weight, despite exercising almost three times as much as any one of us.

Last September alone, Jake swam the 1.7 kilometres between St Paul’s Island and St Paul’s Bay to raise money for an animal related charity.

Being a Triathlon athlete, Jake trains regularly and works super hard to keep fit and strong.

His work and dedication have been made official and recognised during the 60th edition of the Sport Malta Awards.

After the awards, Jake took to his socials and said: “Thanks to all the people who voted for me for the People’s Choice Award.”

Well done Jake and we wish you a super speedy recovery!

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