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Jake Vella finally discharged from hospital

Jake vella

All of Malta’s prayers have been answered after our favourite athlete Jake Vella was released from hospital!

Everyone got quite the scare when we heard the news, especially since he was taken to the ITU.

Jake, who suffers from ROHHAD, won the Sports Malta People’s Choice Award by popular vote a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately, Jake wasn’t able to be physically present at the awards himself, since he was sill in the hospital due to his condition.

Jake’s condition makes it extremely hard for him to lose weight, despite exercising almost three times as much as any one of us.

Being a Triathlon athlete, Jake trains regularly and works super hard to keep fit and strong, despite having ROHHAD.

His work and dedication have been made official and recognised during the 60th edition of the Sport Malta Awards.

We’re so glad you’re feeling better Jake!