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Jake Sits Down With FAITH & Lex To Discuss Their Latest Track On Malta’s Top 10


Summer is finally HERE, and FAITH and Lex are bringing in the heat with their latest track Take Off, which made its debut just last month – and now, they’re sitting down with Jake on Malta’s Top 10 to discuss their latest song and musical journey.



Speaking about their collab with Lex, Lex revealed that FAITH actually found him whilst he was playing at the X Factor after party. As Lex shared, ‘I met them, we had some fun, and then we left it at that. Then a couple of months later, they DMd me on Instagram, we met the next weekend, and we hit it off’.



Jake then asked the girl group about their X Factor experience and what it was like to enter as a soloist but emerge as a group. As you might’ve guessed, the girls all agreed that it only made them stronger and that just like a soloist, being in a group has its pros and cons too.


As Emma remarked, ‘there’s this stigma around forming a part of a music group that means you’re not a good singer but no, it’s no true. Every singer has their own talents’, and them coming together just makes it all the more powerful!



Plus, being in a group makes things harder since you have to coordinate multiple people at once – and I mean…have you heard of any other major girl groups in Malta? Didn’t think so…


Anyways… As for Take Off, the girls shared that they decided to use the title of their track as their guide for the music video, hence the whole airplane theme. They worked alongside the director and team to discuss their ideas together, and it simply grew from there.



And if you’ve heard FAITH’s awesome debut track, then you know that they mixed quite a few styles together. The girls are aware that there are many styles out there and yes, they are ready to ‘conquer them all’. And as Emma added, ‘the more, the better’.



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With that being said, they added that they ‘want to explore’ their vocals ‘and see where they take’ them. So, in their upcoming EP, we can expect some fun pop songs, but some ballads too!


As for their next release, they let us in on a little secret that we might just be looking at a new summer song at the end of July… So make sure to stay tuned as we learn more!