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Jake Rounds Up The Final Malta’s Top 10 Of 2021


This week, Jake rounded up the final of Malta’s Top 10 of the year by sitting down with different artists to discuss their current projects and future plans.


The artists featured were Maxine Pace, Destiny, Michela, Gaia Cauchi, Muxu and Steven Levi Vella!


Following the release of their collaboration called ‘Skin Deep’, the girls explained the amount of positive feedback they got from the public after they heard the song. They worked together brilliantly as a team to spread their message of self-love, truth and empowerment.



When asked about plans for next year, Destiny kept her plans to herself to keep the public surprised. Michela said that after ‘Say It First’, whenever she was working on music, Covid-19 got in the way and ruined her plans. However, she wants to wait till live shows and concerts can be organized again to release a new song.


Maxine’s next step is something she’s still trying to figure out especially since this year was a bit difficult. In the meantime she’s working on her music and writing songs. Gaia explained how she has been going abroad to work on songwriting and collaborations. In fact, we should be expecting some collaborations in 2022.


After a year working on new projects including the collaboration ‘Skin Deep’ which was something really enjoyed working on, Muxu already has plans for 2022. In fact, Muxu explained how he wants 2022 to be his year. Something he wants most for next year is to keep pushing the Maltese music industry forward as he believes that there is a lot of potential in Malta.


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During the interview with Steven Levi Vella, Jake and Steven discussed how artists should always be prioritized in the music industry. He believes that the artist is the starting point. Something that Steven appreciates in this industry is when the artist’s team work together so well that they start considering each other as family.


Luckily, the artists I work with are artists that know what they want and and know where their career wants to take them. This is something that I consider before someone approaches me to work them.” 




Tune in next Monday at 9.30pm for the first Malta’s Top 10 with Jake of 2022!